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"She's a secret agent, you can believe it or not"


5 times Ros Myers broke my fangirl heart into a million pieces

Basically, all of 6.08 but most of all those two scenes:

1. The horrified look in her eyes when she realizes Ben has filmed her meeting with Magritte and her whole life is collapsing around her

2. In the field, just after Adam has left and she has to go back into the house

When she makes that "I'm crying without tears" face? God, it breaks my heart every. single. time. It makes me want to reach through the screen, and shake her while shouting "Cry, damnit, cry!" (and then, she'd probably kill me with a fork ;)

Aaaand she does it again at the end of the episode:

3. In 7.02, when she calmly and oh so rationally explains her life choices to Harry and then has a breakdown in her room all alone.
Because I firmly believe that what she says to Harry in that scene is true, and she has a very clear analysis of her relationship with Adam and with her work, but that doesn't make her suffering any less real and painful. Poor dear.

4. In 8.06, when she kills Jo. Ros crying in public. Enough said.
That is the one thing I will never forgive the Spooks writers for. I mean, can she catch a f*cking break from time to time? I mean, she lost her father, a lot of colleagues and friends, her lover, her entire life, her mentor. You'd think that'd be enough? But no, they had to make her kill her colleague. Grr.

5. In 9.01. The saddest scene in the history of ever. THAT POEM. *sniffles*

Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
Tell where I lie.

And, to make me feel better :

5 times I cheered for Queen Ros

1. When she casually saved the world

2. "Follow me again? I get really annoyed"
(damn, I wish I was as impressive with a pen in my hand!)

3. All of episode 5.09. BADASS.

4. When she casually saved the world. Again.

5. Because she snaps her fingers and people just materialize beside her ;)
(also: PRETTY)

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WOOH!! ACE. And also sad. Very, very, very sad. I MISS HER SO.

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Thank you and oh God, ME TOO.


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I have others still to keep me happy (I like the two recent additions) but there's something missing. Harry seems to have adopted the acerbic tongue, but it's not quite the same. :(

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I like them too (and I really thought I wouldn't like Beth) but yeah, it's not the same as with Ros :(

Harry rocks, and I love his sarcasm

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I've warmed to Beth. I liked Dimitri pretty much immediately, though. The looks

Harry is great, but also quite a bastard. His revenge plots are dodgy (though ACE) as is his moral conscious; he's quite contradictory - telling his team off for things when he does the exact same himself - but all in all, this wouldn't be Spooks without him.

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Beth got on my nerves in 9.01 but she's really growing on me. And Dimitri, well... like you said ;)

I think I am really loving the fact that Harry is becoming more and more ruthless (pardon the pun, lol) in his decisions. It seems like a logical evolution with all he's seen and done.

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Me too! She was brilliant in 9.04. Dimitri too. Sneaking through that embassy...

I suppose it is a natural evolution, but I don't much like the sudden moral conscious he's developed. It's like him and Ruth have had a personality swap; he's all doubtful and she's telling him to smarten up.

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Oh Ros, why did you have to blow up? Her expressions here are just so awesome, and you're bang on about that crying without crying face.

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That "crying without crying" face is just a killer :(

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Great pics. I love Ros, Hermione Norris is such a great actress.

Love what you picked.

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Thank you! And yes, she really really is ♥

I had a lot of heartbreaking moments to choose from. Why so sad, Show? :(

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Ros does have many heartbreaking moments. You think the PTB would have given her some happiness now and then. The only time I remember her looking happy was when she was in bad with all the white sheets, curtains, with Adam.

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Happiness? From the Spooks writers? Pfft!

Oh yes, I love that scene and have watched it an unhealthy number of times, lol *points at icon*

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Tellement que jen suis speechless!

je reviendrai quand mon cerveau aura redémarré xD

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ON LA PERD! Chimiono, gaz du sang! Chargez! Dégagez!



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je savais même pas que chimiono ça s'écrivait comme ça xD

Grace à toi mon cerveau revit! heeheeh mais en mm tps tu était responsable de son break down xD

roooooh btw!!! WE MUST GO THERE :,_London

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ARF! Nan, en fait je viens de vérifier et ça s'écrit "chimie, iono"! ROTFL (et j'avais oublié "NFS" au début, ça fait trop longtemps que j'ai pas revu Urgences ;)

Non, c'est pas moi, c'est elle *points at Queen H*

OH YES WE DOOOOOOOO!! Pour chanter LoM et AtA sur l'étoile de David Bowie!!!
And there too :

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LOL! heehee

Ennnnnhhhhh comment t'oses accuser THE QUEEN!!! Off your head! XD

Yeah trop!!!! Heehee et pour voir celle de maggie aussi *looking innocently*

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*clings to her head* Nooooooon, j'en ai besoin de ma tête, j'ai des séries télé à regarder!!

Oh oui, Dame Maggie, ça va de soi!
Enh, comment je suis trop contente de ce week-end de fangirls!!!! *happy dance*

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xD Downtown abbey ça rock de la bombe de la mort, et le nouvel épi de spooks est pas mal, donc yeah you need your head so stop accusing the QUEEN xD

heehee *high five*
SO AM I!!!! ça va être de la bombe de la mort qui tue et qui retue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!!! Cool, il faut que je dl Downtown Abbey alors! Et j'ai pas encore vu le nouveau de Spooks mais je sais pas si je vais avoir le courage ce soir, je rentre de réunion là, j'ai le cerveau en vrac.


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there, there the force is with you :D


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You are SUCH a fangirl lol! I love it!

Oh God! Lucas and another woman this season. I'm still traumatized by Sarah Caulfield or what's her name.

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Me? Fangirl? What gave it away? lol

I knooooow. Lucas and his 358168718 exes *sigh*

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I loved Ros, and Hermione, though I didnt see much of Spooks I stopped watchng around S3 -4 I need to go back and watch cos Hermione is kick ass!!!

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Yesssss you do! Ros is amazing. And so is Queen H! ♥

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Im thinking a Wire in the Blood rewatch awww Carol/Tony!

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I still have one episode of Wire in the Blood to watch. That ship is sooooo frustrating because Tony is just so oblivious to Carol's OBVIOUS signs of attraction. It borders on blindness, really, lol

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OH GOD YES. I miss her so, so much.

Something's just missing in series 9. Oh yeah, ROS!

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I miss her too, very very much.

The key to my enjoyment of season 9 is to tell myself it's a completely different show than the one I was previously watching with Ros in it. That way, I can enjoy it and like other characters [/pathetic fangirl] lol

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Oh! So many comments, so much Ros love!

I just want to add my own piece:


You made it all seem okay when Ruth left. I was inconsolable, but you were so AMAZING in 5.6/7 that I became (if possible) an even bigger Spooks fan.

You were my pin-up girl all through adolescence - stylish, witty and one BAMF! You weren't a useless wisp of a girl who was only there to make the alpha-males look good; you kicked ASS.

8.8 broke my heart and 9.1 stomped on the pieces. Still, thanks to the magic of DVD box sets, you will never stop beating up slimy creeps. Hurrah!

(In all seriousness, this is a great picspam - beautiful to look at and the accompanying text is awesome. Thanks very much for it. LOVE xx)

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Wow, thank you very much. I'm glad you liked the picspam and: WORD to your words about Ros. She is certainly one of the best, most complex and nuanced female character on television, ever and I miss her very much ♥ (even though she's sonotdead, of course *points at icon* ;)

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Heh heh heh. Icon sums up so much of life as a fangirl...

Forgot to mention that my favourite ones were the 5.09 pics and the ones with the pen. Two CLASSIC Ros eps/moments. And the pics you chose for 5.09 are really original choices (particularly the first) and totally sum up that ep for me.

"Because she snaps her fingers and people just materialize beside her ;)" <------------ Also, this made me wee. :D

Also, the hotel room. Weep. So unbelievably amazing. I still remember watching that moment for the first time ever. Electrifying.

Also, I love the way you've captured her expression when she realises that Ben's seen everything. It's such a wonderful moment which is made all the more wonderful by the BRILLIANT Hermione.


Oh, God. I could go at this forever.

Let me just repeat the loveage. Because it's big time.

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Icon sums up so much of life as a fangirl...
Oh yes, mine too. I could take part in the Fangirl Denial Olympics right now!

the 5.09 pics and the ones with the pen. Two CLASSIC Ros eps/moments
Yup, she pretty much has at least one classic moment in every episode: "Your testicles are yours to take home with you" in 7.02, "I don't do emotional incontinence" and the "Death by mascara" quote in 5.03, and when she killed a man WITH A FORK in 7.01. Oh Ros ♥

Also, the hotel room. Weep. So unbelievably amazing.
Yes, chilling. I love how at the end of the scene, you see her almost physically putting those emotions back inside. Brr. Hermione is amazing in this.

... Apparently, I can go on and on about Ros too, lol [/fangirl]