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"I don't do emotional incontinence"

She's just so wonderfully sarcastic

Zaf: Where's Jo?
Ros: Death by mascara. It was horrible to watch. Ruth's agonizing over the fact that there are no more horses in modern-day warfare and Adam's on a course learning how to lift his knuckles off the ground. So, you'll have to make do with me, I'm afraid.
Zaf: Shouldn't you be in prison or something?
Ros: This is the something.

She spots enemies from behind with a glass bottle and then kills them with a fork. A FORK.
(ok, you can't actually see the fork on the cap because it's so fast, you'll have to trust me on this: it's either a fork or a spoon. Which would make her even more badass)

She mocks the CIA liaison agent a LOT, and then shoots her in the leg and adds "Oh don't be such a cry-baby. It's only a graze with a 22". WIN.

The mocking

The shooting and mocking

She has a real gift for small talk :

Lucas: Come on then, Ros. Small-talk me a little.
Ros: Okay... um, my perfume is made from the anal glands of cats. I read that in the paper this morning.

She rescues herself and then leaves her other team members with a "You two should work out more"
(also: pretty)

Her informant is dead and his computer can only be accessed by fingerprint recognition?
No problem, she'll casually bring you his finger (and you don't even have to ask)

McGyver has nothing on her. A makeup kit and some blu-tac, and she's all set to face a hostage situation.
(also: pretty)

She just gets the BEST lines. Ever.

"Congratulations, your testicles are yours to take home with you"

After winning a ninja fight in the dark with a Mossad agent, she just puts her hair back into place. As you do.

THE WALK. Yes, you're welcome. *stares some more*

And a bonus reason, especially for [ profile] meryl_edan: she looks VERY good in a suit/skirt

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Even if I hadn't already seen an ep, I'd love her based on this picspam alone. HOT.

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Yes. Indeed.

And my work here is done ;)

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SO MANY GREAT THINGS! AND OH MY GOD THE SKIRT!!! wow je reste tjs kéblo dessus xD


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THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! (but you know that this is alllll your fault! Sinon j'en serais encore sans doute à la saison 4, LOL, et je n'aurais pas découvert Queen Ros!)

THE SKIRT. OMG. (j'adore aussi que Mr Méchant là, soit obligé de se retourner pour rester concentré, LOL)

Thank you ♥

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Nice post. Her shooting Sarah - I would have married here. I laughed so hard I cried! Win. Ros is win.

I also preferred S7 Lucas to S8. I SO hope in S9 he wises up.

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Eh, thank you!

I also liked that "You'll hold her hand, I'll pull her hair" she said to Lucas about Sarah a bit later, hee. To be honest, I would probably marry Ros anytime, anywhere ;)

I certainly didn't like Lucas' affair with Sarah. That made him seem really slow and dumb :(
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I may have to add Spooks to my to-watch list now. :D

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YES. I THINK IT IS (relevant to the interests of every sane normal person in the world)

Yay, then my work here is done!

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This is AMAZING. You had me (re)-convinced from the very first line of dialogue. Not that I ever need convincing when it comes to Ros.

Now off to do some rewatches...

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Eh, I'm glad. I just LOVE that "death by mascara" line (and I love the fact that Zaf is just there, smirking at her)

Yay, rewatches FTW

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I'm all for capslock on this one.

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This has MADE my day! My love for this woman knows no bounds. And omg she really works those skirts XDD

Awesome picspam!

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Hee, I'm glad! And yes, those skirts are... very distracting indeed ;)

Thank you!

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Ros Myers FTMFW.

Seriously, she is awesome on so many levels. Best team leader they have ever had on the grid.

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INDEED. She's just so incredibly kickass, and complicated and nuanced. Guh

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Love love LOVE this. And her. Obviously.

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Oh me too. Obviously ;)

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Really? I'd never have noticed! ;)

*goes back to staring at the 'The Walk' photos...*

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Yes, well, I'm subtle like that ;)

I swear, it took me 5 viewings to have a vague idea of what she was saying at that time. Damn distracting skirt!
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THANK YOU FOR THIS! Oh my god. I'm so new to this show, I think I've seen in total a dozen eps from seasons five and six, and Ros is awesome beyond the telling of it. This picspam does a great job of showing why. :)

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You're very welcome! I just mainlined the 8 seasons this summer (and the Ros seasons in 4 days because I have no life) Now I'm rather jealous you still have a lot of Ros episodes ahead of you ;)

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Just so you know, I think this post is awesome :} ..I bet she does too.

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WHY, THANK YOU! I REALLY LOVE HER TOO (which would be quite obvious at that point ;)

Ros would probably find this extremely frivolous and shallow but hey, that's my specialty, lol

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love ros myers!

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Thank you!

And, me too (in case that wasn't obvious ;)

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Late to the party, but THIS IS AWESOME.

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Eh, welcome to the "Ros is awesome and sonotdead Party"!

Thank you!